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Leaving the UK and first night in HK

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After a short delay at Heathrow we finally left the rainy and cold British winter. Shortly after we left, a BA plane from Beijing crash - landed short of the runway, and loads of flights were delayed. Luckily no-one was killed.

We took a taxi from Hong Kong international airport to Mong Kok, Kowloon, where our little hostel was based. Pretty much all hotel and hostel rooms are tiny in HK, as are people's apartments, as there are 7 million people crowded into an area of 1100 sq km, thus space is at a premium. So we couldn't be too disappointed that our hostel room resembled a cubby hole with no windows, or the fact that we could barely open the door once our stuff was in there. It's not bad for the price though, (250 HK$ per night) and we also have a TV and a tiny bathroom attached. The owner is a really sweet and helpful man by the name of Stanley Fan, and the place is clean, friendly and centrally located with free internet in reception. Like many buildings in HK, ours had several other tiny guesthouses in it, mainly catering for backpackers and the lower end of the market. After dumping our bags we wandered out on to the bustling streets of Mong Kok - a working class area full of restaurants and shops. It's not far from Nathan Road, the main thoroughfare running through Kowloon. We found a cheap place selling noodles and rice dishes and for $48 (around NZ$7) we got a big plate of barbequed pork and rice - yum! After a quick, bleary-eyed wander round one of the many night markets we retired back to our cubby hole. A room with a view - see below!


A street in Mog kok near where we stayed.


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